As the nation’s first living-learning entrepreneurship program, Hinman CEOs is a groundbreaking initiative placing entrepreneurial students from all technical and non-technical academic disciplines in a unique community. Students live together, learn about entrepreneurship, and can launch new ventures. The mission of Hinman CEOs is to foster an entrepreneurial spirit, create a sense of community and cooperation, and develop ethical leaders. All undergraduates from the University of Maryland, College Park are invited to apply for this competitive program. Brian Hinman, University of Maryland A. James Clark School of Engineering alumnus and successful entrepreneur, provided funding to initiate and support the Program.

Anthony Casalena


2005 alumnus


Squarespace founder


350+ employee


$78 million in venture funding raised


LIVE with active and aspiring student entrepreneurs

  • Living Community

    The unique living environment where all Hinman CEOs students live together on-campus is the cornerstone of the program. Roommates become co-founders and classmates serve as confidants and advisors. Students have exclusive access to a board room, seminar room, copying and printing facilities, and related incubator-style resources. This technology environment includes wireless Internet access, modern computing facilities, and state-of-the-art software tools. The living community and its resources uniquely positions Hinman CEOs to cultivate their entrepreneurial passions as well as launch and manage their new ventures.

    Hinman CEOs participate in a myriad of events and activities during their time in the program. Each fall begins with an orientation event that may include a ropes course and dynamic team-building activities. Cookouts and socials occur throughout the school year.  With friends and teammates living together, cross-disciplinary teams develop naturally as students’ skill sets mix and match to develop the next great idea. Lectures and weekly speaker series provide wonderful networking opportunities. Students gain confidence in their abilities to take the leap to launch a company and they benefit from each others’ successes and challenges.

  • Experiential Learning

    Through student-owned companies, courses, seminars, workshops, competitions, and volunteerism, Hinman CEOs are part of a special experiential learning model. Approximately 25 percent of students start companies while in the Program. While providing entrepreneurship education and helping teams to start and operate ventures are important, a continuum of hands-on mentoring is provided to help students not yet engaged in founding and managing start-ups fully develop their entrepreneurial skills. From an academic perspective, there are four courses totaling twelve credits that Hinman CEOs complete. There are also optional entrepreneurship courses offered as electives. Over the course of the students' career in the Program, all students develop a business idea and write a business plan.

  • On-Demand Coaching and Mentoring

    The valuable residential experience is complemented with the on-site offices of Hinman CEOs staff. In this way, students can walk down the hall to staff offices to discuss their latest new venture idea or to tackle a tough legal, financial or ethical question. The program director and executives-in-residence are seasoned entrepreneurs pairing practical experience with MBA educations to coach teams and individually mentor students.

  • Seed Fund

    A seed fund is available for students of the Hinman CEOs Program. Funds are provided as grants to students, with no payback or equity requirement. Funds are to be used for R&D or working capital for student ventures. Awards are made per year, with future donations planned for replenishing the fund.

  • Entrepreneurial Internships

    Internships play an important role in the Hinman CEOs experience. Students learn hands-on with area start-ups, in the offices of venture capitalists, and in faculty laboratories. Select students extend their internships into part-time roles during the school term. Applying their experience in these environments amplifies their learning, in turn, bringing energy and expertise back to their fellow Hinman CEOs.

  • Undergraduate Emphasis

    In contrast to many entrepreneurship programs that are aimed at graduate students, the Hinman CEOs Program is specifically designed for undergraduates. When entrepreneurship is introduced early, the knowledge gained significantly impacts direction towards more entrepreneurial careers. This knowledge combines with the community to create a dynamic hub for entrepreneurial skills building and student venturing.

The Hinman CEOs Program encompasses innovative and unique activities, resources, and facilities designed to provide a rich and supportive environment for learning about and practicing entrepreneurship. Key program aspects and features are outlined in detail below.

LEARN in a vibrant, experiential environment


With all Hinman CEOs resident in South Campus Commons Two, the learning experience takes place in a variety of ways. While students will earn course credit in our entrepreneurship courses and lecture series, the learning goes beyond the classroom. They can talk one-on-one with engaging entrepreneurial leaders in our exclusive speaker series, and then brainstorm late night with fellow Hinman CEOs in their dorm. Not only are students connected with the 90-member Hinman CEOs community on-campus, they also have unique access to the 500+ Hinman CEOs alumni, thereby expanding their personal and professional network by making life-long connections to today’s leaders and tomorrow’s CEOs.

Students are engaged in experiential entrepreneurship courses throughout the Hinman CEOs Program. Led by award-winning faculty, these courses merge the academic side of entrepreneurship and innovation with its application in real life. Dynamic speakers and workshops are integrated into the curriculum to cultivate the creation and launch of new ventures.

Hinman CEOs enroll in one course per semester for their two years in the Program. All 12-credits of Hinman CEOs courses can be applied to the 15-credit Minor in Technology Entrepreneurship.

Hinman CEOs Courses

First Year

Second Year

Fall Semester


ENES461 Advanced Entrepreneurial Opportunity Analysis
in Technology Ventures
(3 credits)
Using a cognitive theoretical framework the course examines the integration of motivation, emotions and information processing modes to make complex entrepreneurial decisions in fast pace technology venture environments.

Spring Semester

ENES462 Marketing High-Technology Products & Innovations (3 credits)
Examines how entrepreneurs can market high-technology products successfully in turbulent environments and make rapid decisions, even with incomplete information.

Fall Semester


ENES471: Legal Aspects of Entrepreneurship
(3 credits)

This course will highlight the critical legal and business issues entrepreneurs face as they build and launch a new venture. We will explore real world scenarios, and address legal and business issues from the moment entrepreneurs conceive of the idea to all of the important junctures along the path to success. Significant attention is placed on new venture formation, intellectual property management, and financing arrangements.

Spring Semester

ENES466 Leading and Financing the Technology Venture (3 credits)

Focuses on the challenges of leading and financing new technology ventures. Leadership topics include team selection and formation, aligning rewards with relative contributions of team members, and how early decisions can enable or prevent founders from achieving results that align with their individual motivations for becoming an entrepreneur. Essential tools and methods for building a strong financial foundation for a new technology venture are examined. Includes important accounting principles as well as methods for keeping financial control of the technology venture. Insights are shared on navigating the multitude of financial barriers that may block your entrepreneurial success, as well as how to grow the technology venture from concept through launch.


Jonathan Chen


2014 alumnus


FiscalNote co-founder


Raised $1.2M from
Mark Cuban, NEA,
and First Round’s
Dorm Room Fund

LAUNCH real companies


While the Hinman CEOs are not required to start a business, history shows that approximately 25% of students develop and launch companies as undergraduates. We encourage these students as well as support others attending top graduate schools and joining leading corporations. We work with students to secure grants and awards, and have helped raise over $300,000 for student ventures. Our on-site business coaching services, entrepreneurs-in-residence, and seed fund provide a wonderful environment for launching new ventures.


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